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The role of journalists through their writings and contributions is obvious for change in society. Their positive role in promotion of awareness and sensitization toward wildlife conservation among the masses in the current environmental scenario becomes more desirable. As print and electronic media has a wide range of readers and viewers their efforts in promoting conservation awareness is indispensable.

The Wildlife Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has taken an initiative to encourage journalists for their role in enhancing awareness among masses through their features/articles/writings and reports. In this context green journalist award is being launched under the "Conservation Education and Awareness Campaign" for the year 2014-15, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes amounting to Rs.20000/-, Rs. 15000/- and Rs. 10000/- respectively. For the purpose of evaluation of the awareness material, the following criteria will be adopted;

  1. Articles, features etc of a journalist relating to wildlife and biodiversity published in local/national English or Urdu newspapers.
  2. Reports, news flashed on electronic media about wildlife, biodiversity and environment.
  3. The features/articles published or reports/new flashed from July 2014 to 10th May 2015 which shall reach this office before 15th May 2015 will be considered for the competition.
  4. Both soft and hard copies of published/news materials must be sent to Wildlife Department on email extensionpeshawar(a)vahoo.com and postal address "Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife Extension Wildlife Department, Forest Offices Complex, Shami, Road Peshawar".
  5. The contestant candidates must maintain separate record of their material relating to work/contributions.
  6. A departmental committee will assess the material and decide about the position holders.
  7. The original material will carry double value as compared to copied text.
  8. The candidates must provide their postal address, email address contact numbers, etc

Divisional Forest Officer
Extension Wildlife Division
Address: Forest Offices Shami Road Peshawar. Ph: 091-9211479, 9213112
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