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Conservation Education and Awareness Campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Wildlife Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has adopted multi-pronged strategy to protect and conserve the invaluable wildlife and its habitats in the Province. To comply with the international aspirations, the department is striving to strengthen conservation awareness program in the province to seek support of not only general masses but also students and teachers at the grass root level. Since the relation of people with the biological resources is direct therefore, conservation ethics becomes one of the pre-requisites to ensure sustainability of resources. To create awareness and develop sense of responsibility among different target groups the Wildlife Department proactively promotes wildlife extension program with a number of initiatives throughout the province Being a long process, biodiversity conservation education and awareness becomes inevitable to continue for conservation of biodiversity in the long run. This is oriented toward conservation, management, and appreciation of wildlife resources through exposure, participation, regular and intensive and extensive awareness campaign for a cross section of the society. Therefore, more needs to be done in light of the arithmetic increase in human population to strike a balance in resource utilization through conservation awareness campaign in the province to promote attachment with nature and instill the spirit among general masses towards environment and biological resources. The following initiatives make part of the Conservation Education and Awareness Campaign to provide more opportunities of exposure to different target groups towards conservation of natural resources.